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Video Classes

Each week a fun and engaging Nature + Science video is released. They can be watched any time and are packed with information about a seasonal nature topic, all child friendly.

Fun Worksheets

Every class comes with a worksheet that can be printed out. The worksheets are designed for outdoor learning and come with ecological and nature connection activities. 

Online Quizzes

There are 3 online quizzes for each class, with differing difficulty levels. Once your child passes all 3, they will sent a class completion certificate. For every 8 certificates collected, we deliver them to you.

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All classes include a 20-minute video, craft activity, outdoor learning worksheet, scientific concept + vocabulary sheet, online quizzes and completion certificates. 

These Are The Super Easy To Follow Steps For Your Child 

We Have Designed The 'Nature's Child' program To Be Simple To Access and Use, Even By Children

Watch Lesson

Login to your course content area to access classes, updated weekly.

Do Activities

Complete the outdoor learning worksheet and online quizzes for each class.

Go Outdoors

Each class includes fun & educational accompanying outdoor ecological activities.

Finish Quiz

Complete the online quizzes and your child will receive a digital class poster/certificate.

Video Library

Access our ever-growing library of nature-themed classes, to view anytime. Perfect for holidays!

Kids Love Our Fun & Engaging Videos

Each video class contains a variety of elements to keep your child engaged and learning, including:

🦋 Seasonal theme

🌳 This Week In Nature

🥾 David's Weekly Outdoor Adventure

🔬 Ecological Concept of the Week

🧒🏽 Isabella's Corner


Weekly Video Classes

A new nature-themed video is updated to the ever-growing library of classes weekly. Each video is seasonal and based on what can be seen in the natural world at the time of release to make the accompanying outdoor activities even more interesting and relevant for your child. 

Outdoor Learning Worksheet

Your child will love their own activity worksheet to accompany each class. Designed to reinforce class learning and get your child outdoors and connecting with nature, it is perfect for offline time for your child, alone or with family.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

The learning can take place anywhere, anytime. Download our mobile app to access the on-demand video wherever you are, in the car or on the beach! Pick up wherever you left off at any time.

Class Completion Certificate

Children excel when hard work is rewarded, and our beautiful digital course completion certificate signed by our course designer will give your child a deserved sense of achievement.

Differentiated Learning 

Our nature classes have been enjoyed by children as young as 5 and even adult family members, but our learning materials and course activities are differentiated by age group to ensure appropriate learning.

Ecological Craft Activities 

Each learning unit includes an easy-to-make at home craft activity which is not only immensely fun, but reinforces learning objectives. Step-by-step videos ensure children can take their time and get creative!

Comments Section To Share Experiences And Work

Children and parents can discuss and share their experiences and ideas on each class in the forum area. Show off your outdoor work, leave your thoughts or chat safely with other children in our moderated comments section.

Discover The Joys Of The Natural World

Designed To Positively Impact Every Child Through Scientifically Proven Methods of Nature Connection Through Ecological Learning.

Outdoor Time 

Our classes are short but packed full of educational information and our Outdoor Learning Worksheets encourage children to get outside and experience the world in a completely new way ⛰️

Connect to Nature

Children in touch with nature are healthier & happier. Nature connection depends on 3 aspects: feelings; knowledge, and a guiding hand. Our classes cover all three 🌳

STEAM Learning

Ecology combines all the sciences and even includes maths. With the bonus of fostering a connection to the natural world and having many creative approaches, it is the perfect STEAM subject. 🚀

An Online Course So Much More Than Just Learning Content

Your Child Is Going To Achieve A Wide Range Of Learning Outcomes And Life Skills

Boost Academics

While it is not our sole aim, we cover multiple curriculum topics from science to geography to English that your child will transfer into their academic life.

Improve Wellbeing

Numerous scientific studies have shown that children and adults who have a strong connection to the natural world have better overall mental health. This is truly the greatest gift a parent could give a child.

Give Parents Time

You want to teach and give your child as much as they deserve, but parents are pressed for time. You could turn on the TV or the iPad. Or let us teach them about the wonderful world around them!

Why Put The TV On When Your Child Can Take Our Weekly  Nature Themed Classes?

Our short but jam-packed sessions are perfect for all ages and can be viewed at any time to ensure everyone can benefit from our fun and engaging sessions.

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